How To Cast A Love Spell

Love Spell

Spell to find love….

Ask for someone to share your love with but do not name anyone, otherwise you will be trying to control his or her free will. Whoever answers will be right for your needs.

You Will Need

♦ Bottle of rose water

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ 4 green candles

♦ Charcoal and heatproof burner

♦ Pink candle

♦ Rose petals

♦ Rose essential oil

♦ Cinnamon stick

♦ Gold pen

♦ Glass bowl, filled with spring water


This spell is to be performed on a Friday, during a waxing (new) moon.


Cleanse yourself first by having a bath or shower then scent yourself with rose water.

1) Open your cord circle. Consecrate yourself by smudging. Instead of making different offerings to the four directions, light a green candle in each direction and invoke the winds:

Hail to thee, east… south…. west…. north wind. I call for love and make this offering of light to you.

2) Place some charcoal in a heatproof burner in the centre of the circle and light it. Light a pink candle next to it. Begin your energetic breathing until you feel emotionally charged.

3) You are calling for new beginnings, so face east. Put seven rose petals to one side then rub rose oil into the rest. Crush the cinnamon stick and place with the scented rose petals on the burning charcoal.

4) Focus your heart upon feeling love. Write the word “Love” in gold ink upon the seven petals you put to one side. Place them gently on the bowl of water.

5) Sit in the circle breathing in the scent of rose and cinnamon. Take time to centre and build up your charged energy. Open your hands, open your heart and speak your request seven times, with as much genuine feeling and emotion as possible:

0 angel Anael, I call upon you to fill me with love, that I may feel a joyous hearth. I ask that I may share this love with another who will come to me of his/her free will and together we shall know the beauty of a loving union. I ask this for the highest good of all.

6) Say “Thank you” at the end of the seventh request. Blow out the candles, close your spell and then your cord circle widdershins. Pour the rose petals and water respectfully upon the earth, or in a container of earth.