Magic for Finding Love & Romance

Magic for Finding Love & Romance

If you’re lonely and would like to attract more romance into your life, don’t worry, this will help you with that. In order to perform this magical ritual, here are the ingredients you will need to gather:

-Sunflower kernels, nine
-Beans in their dried form, nine
-Kernels of corn, also dry, nine
-Grains of barley, nine
-Some essential oil of roses
-A glass bottle or jar with a lid
-A piece of ribbon, ideally red in color

This spell must be done on the evening of a new moon. If you’re unsure of exactly when this is, you can look it up on the internet. Your jar or bottle should be large enough to hold all of your materials, but small enough so that there isn’t too much space left in the jar or bottle.

One by one, place the seeds into your jar. It will take some time, but it’s necessary to do them individually. As you are dropping the seeds, say this chant repeatedly:

Seeds and grains, lend me some power
Allow my life of romance to flower
While the moon gets larger in the sky
Let the spell allow my dreams to fly

Once you have dropped all your kernels into the jar or bottle, add your essential rose petal oil to the jar. You will need to use nine drops, and then close up the container. Instead of shaking it, allow the oil to sink its way down to the bottom naturally. Take your ribbon and wrap it into a bow around your jar or bottle and put this somewhere silent, away from disturbances. Your dreams should come true by the time the moon becomes full.