How To Make Magical Wands

Magical Wands

Making a wand……

A wand should represent your energy and personality as much as possible. Feel free to carve it with symbols or pictures that are important to you. Use the wand to cast a sacred circle, enhance a spells power and call upon the energies that the wand represents. The more time and love you put in to the making of your  wand the more power it will have, so choose the decoration with care.

You Will Need

♦ 23 cm (9 in) willow stick (or a stick from another tree to suit the purpose)

♦ Knife

♦ Small, specially chosen crystal

♦ Sandpaper

♦ Copper wire

♦ Needle and thread

♦ PVA (white) glue

♦ Items appropriate to your wand’s dedication: for general use add ribbons of the colours of the rainbow and top with a quartz crystal

For love: two rose quartz crystals, dried roses, pairs of paper hearts and pink ribbons

For fertility: seashells, river stones, sheaves (ears) of corn, green ribbons, and a pine cone

For prosperity: coins, mint, almonds and horse chestnuts, and orange or gold ribbons

For protection: rowan and oak , holly leaves and berries, rusty nails bound with red thread, red ribbons and flint

Cutting your wand….

1) Approach a willow tree with humility, and request that you can take a branch to make a magical wand. Cut it gently and say, “Thank you”, leaving the small crystal as a gift.

2) While still standing with the tree and with the branch in your hand, ask for her blessing upon your magical wand by circling the tree clockwise three times, saying:

Mother willow – tree of wishes, bless this wand with light, Earth, air fire and water, bless your magic bright.

Angles of the heavens, circle this around, spiral through this magic wand, to guide it well and right.

Decorating your wand……

1) Strip the bark away from the central wand and sand it down with coarse sandpaper. Sand it again with fine sandpaper until the wand is completely smooth.

2) Decorate the wand with appropriate items and ribbons. For general use, top the wand with a clear quartz crystal, binding it to the wand with copper wire, then glue bands of ribbons in the seven colours of the rainbow along its length. Use copper wire or a needle and thread to add anything else that feels right to you, such as a charm or tiny bells.