How to make ritual divining liquid

Make Divining Liquid

How To Make Divining Liquid….

This should be made during the third quarter of the moon to give time for the liquid to infuse sufficiently for use during the fourth quarter.


Dried herbs e.g. rose petals, jasmine and hyssop

Sea salt

A large clear bottle or jar


Small bowl (not your scrying bowl)


In the small bowl, mix the herbs together. Add one part herb mixture to four parts water. Stir in 3 teaspoons of sea salt. Pour mixture into the jar, cover and place in a sunny spot.

Keep an eye on the distillation process. If the amount of liquid diminishes, you can add enough water to sustain the original level. Leave it as undisturbed as possible so both the moon and sun energy will blend with the herbs and water until needed.

During the time of the fourth quarter, strain the herbs and store the liquid, which will look rather like tea, in a lidded container until you wish to use it.