Magic Mirror Ritual

Making A Magic Mirror

A Magic Mirror can be used in the same way as your crystal ball or scrying bowl. To make a Magic Mirror you should prepare it as the full moon wanes. Ideally you should leave it for one whole cycle of the moon before using it for scrying, turning back negativity or any other magical purpose. Some practitioners will simplify the procedure by merely spraying black enamel paint on the back of a sheet of thick glass.

Others may choose to use a double-sided round mirror, with the thought that the magnifying side enhances any working they do. Whatever method you choose, remember to consecrate your mirror before you use it.


8in x10in photo frame with a removable back and removable glass

Black high-gloss paint (not aerosol spray)

Dried and powdered psychic-enhancing herbs such as hyssop, dragon’s blood, orris root, anise seed and any variety of dried moss

Disposable mixing container



Mix the paint and herbs together until you have a thick, tar-like substance. While mixing, visualize the light of the moon entering the paint and say:

By the Moon’s darkest light, Perception of the night, Become part of my skills, And thus banish all ills.

Paint one side of the glass with the paint-herb mixture using long; straight strokes. Cover the surface completely, leaving no gaps.

When dry, re-assemble the frame with the painted side down so that the flat ,unpainted side shows through the frame.

Leave your mirror outside in moonlight for as long as you can; otherwise keep it covered by a dark cloth.