How To Make A Magical Sachet

Making A Magical Sachet


2 pieces of cloth

Needle and thread

A coloured cord with which to close the bag

Paper or parchment and pen

Any magical items you wish to include


Fireproof container


Sit quietly in your sacred space. On the paper write out your wishes having thought very carefully about what you really need.

Hold the paper and infuse it with your desires calling on your Higher Power or deity for help in achieving your objectives. Again think very carefully about how your wish will be fulfilled, For example, if you require money, pinpoint how you want to receive it. If you do the Lottery, ask to come up with the winning numbers.

Read your list out loud. Vocalizing your wishes in this way will give them extra power. Burn the list and remember to save the ashes.

It is now time to make the sachet. Sew the pieces of cloth together leaving one end open. As you sew, bear in mind your objective in creating the sachet. Take hold of the wish list ashes and pour them into the sachet. If you like, you can also add an appropriate incense.

Next, take the wishbone and sew it into the sachet so it is secure and will not fall out. As you do so say:

This is my yearning, this is my will. Wishes now manifest, So let it be.

Close the sachet with the cord.

Afterwards, thank your higher power. Place the sachet in your sacred space.