How To Make And Dedicate Travelling Tools

Making And Dedicating Travelling Tools


A sachet is obviously used to transport articles that are needed and for the magical practitioner it is important that their tools can be easily accessible. Just as most modern-day priests will carry small versions of his consecrated tools with him in case they are needed, so every magical practitioner can do the same. In some ways we are more fortunate, particularly if we work within the nature traditions, as we can often use objects which are readily to hand and dedicate them on the spot.

We have spoken elsewhere about developing a sacred space, and should you choose to work with an athame, wand or chalice you can use representations which are quite clearly associated with the idea behind the magic. You might wish to carry such things with you, however.


Material such as linen, velvet or felt to make your travelling roll.

Broad elastic or material to hold your tools in place.

Needle or small paper knife to represent an athame.

Small piece of wooden dowelling or a straight twig to represent a wand.

Very small tumbler or oyster shell as a chalice.

Coin or dog tag with a pentagram etched on it.

Suitable lucky charms or cake decorations as representations of your deities.

Birthday cake candles.

Four small containers, e.g. phials or empty spice jars (These will contain your chosen incense or herbs, salt, water and anointing oil.)


Crystals or tumbled stones as cardinal point markers (Green, yellow, red and blue stones work well.)


Make yourself a travelling roll from the material so you can keep your tools together safely. This is similar to the type of carrier in which a carpenter keeps his tools. The elastic will keep them securely in place.

(These tools mean that you can set up an altar anywhere, both out of doors and inside, according to your own beliefs. You might also use the material roll as your altar cloth.) You can also include anything else that you feel is important to your rituals.

Dedicate your objects with an appropriate form of words. You might say:

0 Great Mother As I travel over your forests, fields and watery ways, Bliss and empower this pouch with its symbols of your power