How To Make Use Of Smudging

Making Use Of Smudging


When your are smudging, you are cleansing the aura, the energy shell of a physical body. Your aura can become dirty, just like your body. You can wash your body to clean it and you can do the same for your aura. Smudging can be performed on places and objects as well as on people. Visualization, altars and smudging are all ways of creating a sacred space, within and without, and are powerful aids in aligning with universal forces.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are densely packed bundles of herbs, often including mixtures of white sage, sweet grass and cedar, which can be obtained from most alternative or New Age stores. When lit, they smoulder slowly and produce clouds of fragrant smoke.This smoke can be used for smudging, or just to scent a room with natural incense. When smudging, the smoke is wafted over the body using a smudge fan, or just a single feather.

Smudging a Place

You can smudge places and objects as well as people.The smoke from smudging will help to cleanse or purify a small area of a room or an entire building, and can also be used on an object, perhaps before using it in a ceremony. When you first move into a new home, smudging can help clear any residual influences of the previous occupants, especially if you can perform it when the place is empty Whenever or wherever you feel it is appropriate, smudging can be performed.

The principle is the same as that for smudging a person: cover the whole area and try to feel if there are any particular areas that need a little extra attention.You can finish off by drawing a circle in the air with the fan to close the ritual and seal the cleansing.

Smudging a Person

When used to clean a person’s aura, the smoke from the smouldering herbs acts like the soap when washing, picking up the negative grime that accumulates. Following the same analogy, the wind from the fan acts like the water, in that it carries away the grime as it blows through the aura and leaves the smudgee feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Light the smudge stick and use a smudge fan or feather to fan it until glowing strongly. While smudging, focus on the cleansing action of the herbs and hold the intent of cleansing the recipient in your mind as you perform the act. Imagine the smoke carrying away the grubbiness as it blows through the aura.

1) Your partner should stand with arms outspread, focusing on the cleansing. Fan the smoke over the body, starting at the head and finishing with the feet

2) When you feel the ritual is complete, finish it by stroking down the aura with the fan, ending each stroke with a flick to preen the aura and signal the end.