Malachite - Crystal Healing

Malachite – Crystal Healing

There are a lot of things that you can do with Malachite when it comes to chakra work, but it is mostly used by experts for the heart and the solar plexus work. The reason is that there are strong protective powers that come with malachite that help it with unveiling things and pulling away negative energy that builds up in those areas. This is the stone that helps absorbs that energy, which means that it will regularly need to be cleansed.

As far as meditation goes, malachite has an extensive history with combating negative energy. For those that feel that they are being bombarded with negative thoughts or draining tasks, this is a stone that will help you keep your thoughts clear and focused on what you need to think about. This is a powerful stone that will help you. But as it was previously mentioned, malachite absorbs negative energy, it doesn’t dispel it. So this means that you will need to regularly clean it when you decide to use it.

As far as carrying malachite with you, it will help to protect you from harmful waves, dangerous energy, and any kind of psychic attacks that you might encounter along the way. Malachite is very protective, but if you notice that you’re starting to feel less and less of the effects, that means that you need to cleanse it. So take the time to monitory your malachite carefully.