Information: Moon In Leo

The Moon In Leo ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Leo are naturally gregarious and love being the centre of attention. They know little fear and will have a go at most things, believing that everything is attainable. They may tend to be bossy and self-centred, but this is a double-edged tendency, because they can also be great motivators to others who lack their level of confidence. They need to ensure that they find ways to balance their extrovert side with steadying activities that slow them down a little.

Above all, Leo moons need to be recognized and appreciated. Like the lioness, Leo moon people are proud and able. They love romance, and may often have a string of admirers who adore them, It is important to learn humility when your moon is in Leo and to sprinkle this over a naturally flamboyant lifestyle.

Caution is not the strongest characteristic when the moon is placed here. Think before you act, and plan before you begin, otherwise several very creative ideas may get lost in a whirl of self-aggrandizement. Leo moons are sociable and enjoy mixing with others. As parents, they see their children as extensions of their own egos, and so will push them to succeed. This pressure can drive a child away early from the home, if levels of control or domination are just too overwhelming.