Learn About The Moon In Virgo

The Moon In Virgo ~ Moon Signs


Moon in Virgo people are discriminating, exacting and extremely clean and tidy. They are tactful and diplomatic, so make excellent peacemakers and negotiators.

Virgo moon people tend to be nervous and highly strung, lacking a basic confidence. Their way with words can sometimes be wonderful, and writers often have their moon in this sign. They need to guard against being too critical or judgemental: their high standards and expectations can make others feel inadequate or uncomfortable.

They excel in most things they attempt, because they are methodical in their approach. Their attention to detail means that their homes are spotless, their offices organized, and all plans are made with care, leaving little room for error. This strictness can be limiting sometimes, and learning a level of flexibility and fluidity can, therefore, be highly beneficial.

Virgo moons are steady and reliable partners, good at handling and investing money. They approach parenting as they do everything else — with orderly correctness — and everything is taken care of in a practical way. However, paranoia about mess can cause friction in the family and Virgo moon parents need to learn to loosen up and allow their children the freedom to get dirty once in a while.