Wiccan & Pagan Moon Magic

Moon Magic

Our magical moon…..

The moon is mysterious. She is known by many names and is worshipped by many cultures throughout the world, both ancient and modern. Our great Mother Moon inspires wonder when we see her silver light shining upon the shadows of the night. Both men and women are intimately linked to her changing faces of crescent, full, waning and dark, as she progresses through her lunar cycle.

When she pulls and tugs at the waters of the earth, creating high and low tides, she also pulls at the water within our bodies, affecting our moods, sleep patterns, health, and women’s “moontime” cycles. It is well documented that the full moon has powerful effects upon human mental and emotional stability.

Because the moon is within the gravitational field of the earth, her interaction with us affects weather patterns around the world. Rainfall, tropical storms, hurricanes and earthquakes have all been associated with lunar influence and activity. The moon is intimately linked to our world and we are deeply affected by her, as is the planet we inhabit.

By discovering some of her magical mysteries, you can get to know her better and come to understand the complex nature of her rhythms and cycles. The moon is the personification of female wisdom, the wisdom of intuitive knowledge and deep instincts.

She cannot be tamed by rational thought; she is a free spirit.