Moon Worship History

Moon Worship

Profound wisdom of the moon……

Many ancient civilizations venerated the moon because they witnessed her regenerative powers, saw how she influenced the growth of crops, how she matched the average female menstrual cycle, and how she affected the weather. Even her dark time was seen to hold secrets about death and the veil that separates spirit from matter. She seemed to hold the key to deep and profound wisdom about the rhythms and cycles of existence.


Because it was important to differentiate between the phases of the moon, different goddesses represented them.The Greeks, for example, worshipped Artemis as the new moon, Selene as the full moon and Hecate as the waning moon. In Rome, Artemis became Diana. The cult of Isis, the Egyptiah “Good Mother”, spread through Greece and Rome and was eventually absorbed by the cult of the Virgin Mary, also a lady of the moon.

So strong was the compulsion to honour the moon goddess and keep her favour, that sacrifices and orgiastic rites were regularly performed to appease her. All phases of the moon held secrets about the circle of life. By worshipping the appropriate goddess, humankind could try to tame her influence on such issues as pregnancy, agriculture or divination.


As the Great Mother; the moon has considerable influence over her “children” — angels. The angel associated with the moon is Gabriel, the healer. He is the Angel of the Annunciation, who visited the Virgin Mary (a lady of the moon). He is sometimes depicted carrying white lilies, the flowers of the Virgin, and is intimately linked with healing and with alleviating suffering on earth.

On the lunar wheel Gabriel stands in the west, in the position of the waning moon.This direction is represented by the water element. Stand facing west during a waning moon (especially if it is in a water sign) to say prayers for healing.You should also face west if you are making a water offering, which can be anything that is taken from the waters, such as watercress, a river stone, seaweed or a shell.

An Angel Healing

Perform this ceremony just after a full moon to seek healing for someone who is sick. Camphor, eucalyptus and sandalwood are all linked to the healing qualities of the moon. Write down the name of the person requiring healing, and their ailment, fold the paper twice and hold it while you say:

Angel Gabriel I ask for your help. Please bring your healing touch to [name]. By divine will, remove [this condition] from [name], for the highest good of all.

End by giving thanks and blowing out the candles.

You will need

• 2 light blue candles

• white lilies

• water offering

• aromatherapy burner

• clear quartz crystal

• 9 drops of eucalyptus, sandalwood or camphor oil

• 9 white night lights

• matches

• pen with silver ink

• natural paper

• heatproof container

1) Arrange candles, flowers, water offering and burner. Place the crystal in the water.

2) Place the night lights in a circle around the other ingredients and light them.

3) Write your message and, holding it in your hand, ask Gabriel for his help.

4) Burn the paper in the candle flame, visualizing the ailment being carried away.