Moonstone - Crystal Healing

Moonstone – Crystal Healing

Moonstone is a powerful stone that comes in a vast array of colors which can be selected to the alignment of your chakras, but it is most notably used with the solar plexus. This is a powerful stone, but you can find many variations that will let you use it more effectively based on the chakra work that you are trying to perform.

As far as meditation is concerned, moonstone is truly most effective when you are following the path of the moon. At a full moon, you will find yourself traversing into deeper levels of insight and understanding. When the moon is full and new, that’s when you’ll want to utilize moonstone so that you can find true insight into the problems that are facing you. It will help guide you there, especially if you have a decision that requires travelling.

Moonstone is known as the Traveler’s Stone and it is perfect for carrying with you as you go about your business. It will take you to new places, encouraging you to wander and to explore. Remember that as you go, your insight and awareness will be heightened by the presence of the stone. This makes it perfect for exploring new places when you go on trips or vacations. Let the stone work through you and you will find new things to broaden your horizons.