Article About Why Nature is Central to all Magickal Core Practices

Nature is Central to all Magickal Core Practices

In magick it is essential to know that nature is central to all of the core practices. Magick does not seek to go against the laws of nature as it was previously thought. Even those of us who are part of the magickal community will find ourselves deeming the very existence of magick as a supernatural concept.

I can hear you right now saying to yourself: “Isn’t magick supernatural?” In answer to your question, yes magick is supernatural, yet we must take a closer look at the meaning of the word in order to really understand what was meant by the term.

When one normally thinks of this word, there is a tendency to take the view that the forces wielded are beyond the nature of this universe.

Actually, the compounding of the words super- natural seeks to give credence to the natural world from which these powers originate.

The four spiritual elements of earth, air, water and fire are aspects of nature, the cosmic power reduced to four individual units that we can know and interact with. We know these elements because they are part of us; they are within us.

There is another element that is seen to exist within magickal and spiritual traditions, and that element is the fifth element to some, and the first element to others. This element is known simply as Spirit.

Spirit is the force from which the other elements were created, and the core that all of the other elements will be drawn back into.

Spirit is the beginning of everything; yet it is not as remote as one might think it is. Spirit, like the core, is within and connects all of the elements.

Within magick as well as other spiritual disciplines the five elements are
contemplated as follows:

a. Spirit: The Source or cause of everything that is

b. Air: Any gaseous substance. The first element after spirit, seen as the beginning of manifestation, seen as movement,

c. Fire: Radiation and illumination, the primal drive or will of the universe

d. Water: Fluidic energy, the intuitive emotional sentience of the universe.

e. Earth: The physical universe, as well as the planet earth. This is the realm of manifestation, the realm of life, which is sustained by a balance of all spiritual elements.

I have noticed over the years that there has been a shift of focus off of the elemental aspects of magick. I believe this is a sign of the times, and by that I am not saying it is a bad thing. I simply mean that as a result of the gradual shift that has started to occur as we move into the Aquarian age, more people are seeking to find their own inner divinity and are now looking within themselves, rather than on the outside or to the cosmos.

I believe this is because we are asking ourselves more and more where we fit in to the cosmic scheme. There is nothing wrong with these questions, nor is there anything wrong with looking into ourselves, I do however believe that we must return a fair portion of or attention back to the elements.

The elements are vital in our magicks because there is nothing that we can manifest that is not composed from some combination of these spiritual elements.

The elementals can be used to manifest our goals from conception to reality, if we return once again to this to this system….. more soon!