List of Oils Used in Spells by Witches

Type of Oils Used in Spells by Witches

Most witches are aware of the multiple types of oils that are used in rituals and spells. There is a wide variety to cater to every need – but they are generally categorized as one of a few “types” of oils.

Each type of oil serves its own unique purpose, and not all are appropriate for magical applications. A fragrance oil, for example, being very different from an essential oil, will not fill the same purpose. It’s best if you know the difference between your oil types in order to make sure you’re using them for their intended purpose.

For as long as there has been magic, these different oils have been used in rituals and ceremonies – thousands of years of use, in some cases. Many of these oils are still on the market today, so we are still able to recreate these original
spells and use them.

Ritual Oils

“Ritual oils” is a very general term describing the oils used to anoint tools, candles, and other such objects. These oils may also be used on the body as “anointing oils” (as often they have uses in both situations). Their power is limited, which is why they are typically combined with other ritual practices.

Condition Oils

We only really hear of “condition oils” when thinking of hoodoo spells and conjuring. This particular term refers to oils used in rituals and rites intended to immediately deal with some issue – whether a bad condition we wish to pass or a good condition we wish to find. They are also called Conjure Oils, Hoodoo Oils, and Lucky Oils because of their association with such magical practices.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy dates all the way back to ancient civilizations, with historical proof of its practice in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and possibly China. It was shown to have cosmetic and curative benefits when these ancestors would burn scented flowers and herbs, as well as taking aromatic baths and massages using the extracted oils. This is still one of the most prevalent uses of magic today.

Fragrance Oils

In some instances, fragrance oils can be used in place of aromatherapy oils, depending on the goal you wish to achieve. Generally speaking, the magical essence of the source plant is not present in a fragrance oil, but they can be produced much quicker and cheaper than true essential oils. Whenever possible, it’s best if you use true oils instead of artificially manufactured ones.

Essential Oils

“Essential oils” is another generalized term that refers to oils obtained by processing the source plant. These oils will characteristically taste or smell like their source materials. Used alone, they are best suited to fragrances, flavourings, and accents, but when properly combined they can harness the full potential power of the oils you use.

Hand-crafted Oils

This term refers to oils that were created for a specific magical purpose. Whereas some witches choose to combine essential oils in order to use the power within, hand crafted oils are blended together from the start, and the bond between the source material will be stronger. They must be individually prepared and are not able to be factory produced, as each will have to be specifically formulated for the user.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are the only oils on this list that are specifically designed to not have magic within them. Carrier oils “dilute” stronger oils which may otherwise be too potent for use on the skin or in the air. In some uses, you may decide to use a hydrosol instead of diluting the oils in a carrier oil, but this is a matter of personal preference as well as specific spell.