How To Perform Rituals With Candle Magick

Performing Rituals With Candle Magick

Candle Magick…

Fire has exerted a huge attraction on humanity since primitive times. Fire is a symbol of change and purification. Through the magickal burn, the matter goes through a transformation process; it is not destroyed. Candles are used in churches and in occult rituals. In fact, some of the oldest occult practices include the usage of candles.

As it follows, you will find out more about which candle colour to choose according to the spell you want to cast. The purpose of your spell is very important when picking a candle. Also, there are certain days more suited than the others to perform certain rituals. Last but not least, you can use the power of crystals to enhance the effect of your spell.

Basic candle magick notions

Depending on your purpose, you can perform rituals with one or more different coloured candles at the same time. Although some people prefer to use candles shaped like silhouettes for personal relations, hearts for sentimental problems and so on, any normal-sized and normal-shaped candle is good.

You must know that candle magick works best during the full moon. Although this is not a rule, some Wiccan witches take a bath before performing such spells during the full moon. This is seen like a symbolic purification. Next, they try to focus on their purpose only, removing any other thoughts from their minds.

What’s important is for the ritual to take place in a quiet room, away from any inflammable objects. Remember not to leave burning candles unattended and to always have water at hand in case of emergencies.

While burning the right type of candle, you can receive answers to some of your questions. After you learn about every candle colour and its purpose, you’ll have the chance to practice a spell that will deliver the answers that you need. The process is really simple because it involves your will power and a little sense of observation.

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