How To Perform A Psychic Protection Spell

Psychic Protection Spell

Remove negative vibrations….

This spell will safely remove any negative vibrations from your home or from yourself by burying them in the Earth. Be careful not to inadvertently send out any ill will in return.

You Will Need

♦ Pieces of flint

♦ Onions (1 for each room in your house)

♦ Red thread

♦ Red fabric

♦ Garlic clove

♦ Rosemary sprigs

♦ Red candle

♦ Frankincense

♦ Carnelian stone

♦ Vervain


This spell is to be performed on a Tuesday.

Spell for your home…..

1) Place the pieces of flint in the centre of the area of your home you feel most uncomfortable in. Ask the flints the following:

Please become my helpers in removing any negative psychic energy from my environment. I ask that you become the focus of any negativity towards this place and thank you, grandfather and grandmother stones, for helping me.

2) Leave the flints alone while you continue with the next stage. Peel one onion for each room. Suspend each one on a red thread and hang them at windows in various parts of your home, repeating the following:

I ask that this onion absorbs all negative vibrations that are entering this place. Thank you.

3) Leave the onions in place for seven days, then gather them up into the red fabric with a clove of garlic, making sure that you do not touch them with your bare skin. Tie the fabric with a red thread and take it outside the boundaries of your home, preferably at a crossroads. Bury it, saying:

Mother, I bring you these for your cleansing touch.

4) Collect your pieces of flint and place one either side and outside the doorways to your property. Place the others in the corners of the boundary to your garden or land, re-affirming your request that they remain the absorbers of any negative psychic activity.

5) Place rosemary sprigs on all the , windowsills, then light the red candle and frankincense. As they burn, visualize your home surrounded in a globe of golden light, with blue flames around the outside. Call for:

Peace in all universes… May all who wish harm be healed of their ignorance.

6) Do not use this candle again. Once the spell is completed, bury it as you did the onions.