How To: Purification Of The Home

Purification Of The Home

House spiritual cleansing……

Sometimes unwanted entities in our homes prove extra difficult to get rid of, but they can often be cleared out by using a specific ritual to effect a spiritual cleaning and purification. Think of it as though you were moving through your home gathering up the negativity and ushering it out of the door.

♦ Plan your route through the house so you end up at an outside door. Put everything you need on a tray to carry it from room to room. If you have someone to help you might find it easier, but it does not really matter.

♦ Use a banishing incense (See article on incense) either in a burner or as a stick.

♦ Have a chalice of water with a little salt in it (which you have blessed) to use as a seal; also a bell or rattle to use the vibration of sound.

♦ Beginning at the farthest end of your home from the outside door, circle each room three times clockwise, keeping the incense smoking as you go. You can often judge how negative the atmosphere is by the amount of smoke produced. Waft the smoke into all cupboards and corners.

♦ Next ring the bell or shake the rattle. This is said to scare away the demons.

♦ Finally, take the chalice of water and with your forefinger, touch each window and door with the water. Do the same with all mirrors, to prevent any re-entry of negative entities.

Move to the next room and repeat the technique. Work through every room in your home, including the basement and attic if you have them, ending up at the exterior door. Before marking the sides of the door with water, open it and wave the smoking incense toward the door. Say out loud if it feels right to do so, if not direct your thoughts:

Mean and troublesome entities, Leave now this place. You are not welcome here!

As you do this you should feel a lightening of the atmosphere as the negativity clears. Close the door and mark the sides with water. Use whatever sign feels appropriate — a cross, circle or line, all of which have their own symbolic meaning.

Now you must call on the positive energies to take up residence, lest the negative ones re-enter. Lay aside your tools and raise your arms. Say something like:

Welcome to all beings of Light and love. Fill this place always with your life and goodness. Keep out all aspects of Darkness, And bring my [our] life back into proper balance.

Many people would pooh-pooh the idea that relationships can develop between a human being and a place or house, yet how many of us have, when moving, wandered around ‘saying a last good-bye’?

This ritual is comforting for us and allows us to release the energy of the memories, joys and sadnesses that are part and parcel of the nurturing and caring which has gone on during the time we have lived in this place. We are, after all, severing a tie into which we have put a great deal of energy. As magical practitioners we must always do our best to maintain the vibration of our environment and personal sanctuary.

Deep loving relationships can develop between people and a place that becomes imbued with the vibrations of that relationship. As we can sometimes find ourselves drained of energy, so also places and areas can become depleted and need to be reconnected into what might be called the grid of natural power that is constructed and renewed within the earth plane. However, the most common reason healers are requested to do a house clearing is the suspicion that the building itself may be subject to geopathic stress; i.e. changes in energy due to tension in the Earth’s surface.

One of the problems we investigate when dealing with `sickness of place’ is indeed the debilitating effects related to geological abnormalities and underground water courses in or about buildings. There are shamanic techniques and related spiritual practices which aim to keep the environments in which we live and work as free from hidden stress as possible. Often such practices —perhaps the placing of crystals or natural objects in the home, the cleansing of the atmosphere with a sagebrush or with incense, or the placing of an effigy of a beloved deity — connect us with traditional systems and customs which give us insight and understanding in our work with sacred space.

When we are called upon to rebalance energies which disturbing the peace of a place or building our first focus will be on identifying any underground water courses, misplaced holes and rocks or lines of energy which exist under the premises, and dealing with them. Obviously it is not always possible to excavate to verify ones suspicions, but it is often possible to use ones intuition, divining rods or pendulum to identify difficult areas. The subsidence caused by an over-dry summer, for instance, might be counteracted on a more esoteric level by the use of stone inside the building, though obviously something practical would have to be done as well. Any infilling might be accompanied by the placing of crystals in the foundation, which would have the effect of changing the vibration in the whole house.

Moving or dispersing the ‘inappropriate energy fields’ associated with such areas is often done by means of metal rods (usually iron) inserted in locations dictated by the energy paths. Once the paths or concentrations have been established and marked, we can proceed to work in the same manner through the individual rooms inside. Each room’s purpose will have an effect on how it reacts to the various geopathic stresses. The following home blessing is in some ways more elaborate than the simple clearing technique above. It consists of three steps: cleansing, blessing and protecting.