Ritual To Welcome A Child

Ritual To Welcome A Child

Welcome a new born ritual…..

This ritual calls upon the powers of the Egyptian deity Anuket who was called the Clasper, the Giver of Life, both of humans and animals, and was also the goddess of the Nile cataracts (waterfalls).

Her symbol was the cowry shell, which is still used even today in various parts of Africa as a magical Great Goddess symbol and as a unit of exchange. Sometimes pictured as having four arms, Anuket represents the union of male and female principles and therefore family values. Her husband Khnemu was one of the few masculine Moon deities.


Lace or white cloth

2 silver and/or white candles

Clean water and bowl

Rose petals

Rose incense or essential oil

Ankh (Egyptian cross)

Sistrum or rattle

Goblet of milk or juice


Set up a miniature altar using the white or lace cloth.

Place the two silver or white candles on it.

Pour water into a bowl and on it float a few rose petals.

Place this bowl between the candles in the centre of the altar and bless the water. Lay your sistrum to the right, the ankh to the left.

Burn the rose incense. (You can have a vase of colourful flowers to one side if you wish)

Place the goblet of milk or juice near the bowl of water.

Take the child to be blessed in your arms and hold him/her to face the altar and say:

Anuket, goddess of life, please bless the child of [parent’s names]

Gently, with the ankh, touch the child’s forehead and say:

Open his/her eyes and guide him/her on his/her right spiritual path.

Hand the child to one of the parents, the ankh to the other. Raise the bowl of water with rose petals in it above your head and say:

Anuket of the sacred waters, please guide and protect the life of (name of child).

Place the bowl back on the altar. Wet the tip of your forefinger and touch the child’s heart, forehead and mouth.

[Name child], child of [name parents], welcome to our mortal love and the love of the Goddess Anuket.

With one parent holding the child beside you and the other carry the ankh, acknowledge all four cardinal points starting in the East.

Take the sistrum in your stronger hand, shake it three times in each direction. The person holding the ankh should also present it to each cardinal point.

Go to the East. Say:

Keepers of Air, Spirits of the East, Give this child insight and pure knowledge.

Go to the South. Say:

Keepers of Fire, Spirits of the South, Give this child the powers of the ancients.

Go to the West. Say:

Keepers of Water, Spirits of the West. Give this child inner calm and warmth.