The Meaning of Rune Ing

Runes: The Meaning of Ing

Meaning: ing (the Fertility God)

Ing symbolizes the spark of creation, the power to give life and to make the land fertile. It is the fire within everyone that drives them forwards and keeps them striving towards spiritual fulfilment; it is the power to keep going when things get tough. This fire can lie dormant for many years, but when it is fuelled by the breath of acknowledgement, by its existence being recognized, it is almost impossible to extinguish.

Ing teaches that you cannot change the past; the present is the only place where you can truly have influence. Ing helps you to let the past go, and keeps your eyes on your dream for the future, while you live and work in the here and now..

Interpretation of Rune

“The fire of inspiration urges you to strive for spiritual fulfilment.” You are on a spiritual path and although you may feel isolated at times, you can be safe in the knowledge that within you burns the fire of inspiration which urges you ever onwards and upwards.

Feed the fire by always striving to learn more, never resting in the illusion of complacency. Seek only answers and never become waylaid with too many questions. Live one day at a time, knowing that the past is just a memory, the future just a dream, and the here and now is what matters.