Runes: The Meaning of Is

Runes: The Meaning of Is

Meaning: Auroch

Aurochs were wild oxen and a powerful totem of Nordic tradition symbolizing strength. Nowadays, many people equate strength with dominance and inflexibility.They also confuse pride with strength, whereas pride is actually a weakness created by the ego.To find your true strength, you must first face your weaknesses. You can then turn them into strengths. This process can be frightening for many people.

Interpretation of Rune

“To find your true strength, you must first face your weaknesses.” You have the strength within you to fulfil all your dreams, but with that strength comes responsibility. It should not be used to exert power over others, but to stop others exerting power over you. Use it to keep you focused on your path. Some people are always negative. Strength comes from not letting them upset you and this in turn comes from mastering the ego.

Interpretation of Reversed Rune

To be strong, you must first know weakness. Look honestly within yourself without fear, knowing that once you recognize those areas of weakness, you will be able to work on them to turn them into strengths.