Runes: The Meaning of Jara

Runes: The Meaning of Jara

Meaning: Harvest

Harvest is the time of hardest work. The fruits of your labour must be collected and stored if they are not to spoil. If the winter is to be survived, t is imperative that as much grain and produce as possible is stored. Everything must be done correctly. If grains are not stored in the right way, they will rot and spoil long before the winter is over.

This is certainly not a time to be resting on your laurels. The harvest feasting takes place only after the harvest is finished.You are at the end of a cycle, but remember that endings only lead to new beginnings.

Interpretation of Rune

“A time of hard work, and of reaping rewards for past efforts.” This is a time of plenty, a time of joy and celebration. But it is also a time of great work with no time for complacency. The harvest does not last forever The winter of more hard lessons lies ahead and you would do well to make sure that you have stored enough knowledge and wisdom to face your next challenges.

This is another turning point in your life, not your goal. There are greater harvests for you to experience in the future, but before any harvest there has to be preparation of the land, sowing of the seed, tending of the seedlings and support of the forming life-giving fruits.