The Meaning of Rune Lagu

Runes: The Meaning of Lagu

Meaning: Water, Sea

Water is a primal power that can never be truly contained or controlled. All water flows where it will, drawn back and forth by the power of the moon. This includes the sea, the fluid within plants and the fluids within you.

To be in harmony with creation, you need to attune yourself to the seasons and the moon. Eating and living in harmony with nature around .you gives you a new perspective and opens up many possibilities to acquire new and greater knowledge and transform it into wisdom.

Interpretation of Rune

“Being in harmony with creation gives you emotional balance,” It is only by attunement to creation that your life will truly flow as it is meant to. Emotional balance comes from eating in balance with creation around you. Natural foods lead to natural flow, whereas unnatural foods lead to disharmony and stagnation. The sea is always fluid and moving, so it should be a part of your life. Embrace change, for it is the only constant.

Interpretation of Reversed Rune

You need to learn to go with the flow. There is a need to initiate some movement into many areas of your life, otherwise you will start to become stagnant. A few simple changes can bring about great, positive effects.