The Meaning of Mann Rune

Runes: The Meaning of Mann

Meaning: Human

Being Every human being has a destiny and it is their right to fulfil it. Destiny is all about choice.You can choose to take responsibility for your life, to be a spiritual being, or you can choose to drift along with whatever life throws at you. The path of destiny is not easy. for it holds many lessons and challenges along the way, but it is a path of growth and fulfilment. The other path appears easier, but it is filled with ill-health and dissatisfaction.

Interpretation of Rune

“The path of-destiny is a path of growth and fulfilment.” Your destiny awaits you, so claim it. For you to be a spiritual being, you must be balanced in body, mind and spirit. Embrace everything— good and bad — with total acceptance and pleasure. By learning each lesson as it presents itself, you will go onwards and upwards.

Interpretation of Reversed Rune

The path of destiny seems hard, but as you tread it, you become wiser and stronger. Have faith — you have the strength and power to deal with all of life’s problems and to make choices as long as you are willing to learn. Do not let your own ego, or those of others, fill your mind with misgivings.