Runes: The Meaning of Sigel

Runes: The Meaning of Sigel

Meaning: The Sun

To the Nordic people, the sun was considered the giver of life, for without its rays there would be no food and sustenance.The sun is associated with all that is good, just and right.

The light of the sun banishes darkness and rejuvenates the spirit. It is also the “destroyer of ice”, as one Icelandic runic poem describes it, and is therefore a powerful rune to counteract the negative aspects of the Is rune, which means ice and is interpreted as being at a standstill.

Sigel is also a rune of truth; the power of light illuminates the darkness of deception, giving clarity of thought and vision. It will show you not only deception in others, but within you. It will shine a light upon the path of all who hold it.

Interpretation of Rune

“You have the power to bring things to fruition.” You have the power to bring things to fruition. Good fortune awaits you and there is a positive feel to everything in your life. This is not a time to rest and relax, however, rather it is an ideal time to look within at the darker aspects .of your nature.

The power of the sun will enable you to face those dark parts of your being squarely without fear and finally to gain power over them. This is a good time to seek solutions to problems as they are all within your grasp.