The Meaning of Tyr

Runes: The Meaning of Tyr

Meaning: Tyr (the Warrior God)

The path of the warrior presents challenges and initiations. He must be of a good and strong heart, with a firm belief in the sacredness of that which he protects. As a companion, one could not wish for a better ally, for the warrior has a natural instinct to protect and survive.

He is always resourceful and focuses on solutions rather than problems.The wise warrior knows that mistakes are not failures, but rather lessons to be learnt if one is honest and humble enough to seek .The man who makes no mistakes in his life becomes an old fool.

Interpretation of Rune

“Now is the time to make use of all the skills and wisdom that you have learnt so far” This rune symbolizes new challenges and initiations into new understandings.There is a need for fearlessness, for your victory is assured if your heart remains true. Protect your faith, as it will be challenged, but the truth will always be victorious in the end.

Interpretation of Reversed Rune

You have all the powers you need for the challenges ahead but you need to unlock your true potential. Look honestly at your weaknesses and resolve to turn them into strengths.The warrior is within you and it is now time to let that energy come forth.