Runes: The Meaning of Wynn

Runes: The Meaning of Wynn

Meaning: Happiness

True happiness only comes to those who are balanced. Happiness is found within and is not dependent on any other person or thing.You must be at peace with your place in life.This requires you to eat, think and act in a balanced manner Healthy eating (fresh, natural, organic, unrefined foods) is fundamental and will naturally lead to healthy thoughts and actions, So seek balance and harmony within, and you will attract peace and happiness for yourself. Happiness comes from seeking and finding the truth, then integrating it into every aspect of your life.

Interpretation of Rune

“To have happiness, you must be at peace with yourself” Happiness is yours if you are willing to work for it.You must strive for balance and harmony. Always be looking for solutions rather than dwelling upon problems. For happiness to last, it needs to be founded upon truth and honesty. Seek only what is good and right, and good fortune cannot fail to follow.

Interpretation of Reversed Rune

The happiness you seek is already yours, but your attachment to the past is preventing you from seeing it. It is time to let go of the old and embrace the new.