How To Perfom A Shamanic Ritual

Shamanic Ritual


We are all creatures of habit, with certain ways of performing routine tasks, but what if differentiates habit from ritual is intent. Performing an act with conscious intent increases it efficiency, because the intent carries to other levels of your being. If you take a shower with the intent of cleansing your spirit and well as your body, the overall cleansing effect will be greater. Rituals help strengthen our connection with the universe.

Morning Ritual

Greeting the morning is a great way to start a new day.Work out your own simple ritual involving a few stretches followed by a moment of quiet or meditation to collect yourself for the day. If you can be outside, your morning ritual will have greater significance. The yoga moves called “Salute to the Sun” require little time or space and the movements invigorate the body while the ritual strengthens the spiritual bond you have with creation.

Eating as Ritual

Food preparation and eating are powerfully symbolic activities, and a good time to incorporate ritual. Prepare food with love and appreciation of what is supplied by the bountiful Mother.

Eat natural foods in preference to processed ones, and organically produced food in preference to intensively farmed products. This is not only beneficial to your health but also to your spirit. Fresh, organic foods have more goodness and flavour, and a closer connection with the earth, therefore more of those attributes are entering your body.

As you prepare food, endow it with love and appreciation every step of the wax and do the same when you eat it. While eating, the food nourishes the body and the ritual nourishes the spirit.

The Breath of Life

Deep-breathing exercises help to awaken a sleep-fuddled mind and vitalize the body. Scoop up armfuls of energy as you breathe in. As you repeat this sequence, begin to visualize a flow of energy, so that you are both gathering it in and giving it out, returning it to its source. Visualize gathering energy in your arms as•they rise up above your head and, as you exhale, picture the energy filtering through your aura as you let your arms sink slowly down with your hands.

The fundamental characteristic of energy is movement, and if it is blocked it becomes stagnant in much the same way that still water does. By giving out you are allowing room for more to come in: the more you give, the more you will receive.

1) Stand relaxed with knees slightly flexed and arms at your sides, hands cupped loosely in front of you. Slowly take three deep breaths to centre yourself

2) On the fourth breath, circle your arms up, keeping them rounded. Now exhale, and let your arms sink slowly down with your hands in front of you as before.