Article about special magickal oils

Special Types of Magickal Oils

Anointing Oils

Anointing oils are, most commonly, involved with the preparation of Rootwork or Hoodoo spells. These herbal-based combinations have been trusted by many generations of Hoodoo witches. We will not be sharing the recipes for these particular oils, but your trusted Hoodoo elders may be able to help you.

Cast Off Evil Oil

This particular oil is used to help rid the user of unwanted negative influences – whether false friends, bad habits, or discourse in the home.

Crown Of Success Oil

This oil is formulated to help its user to achieve success and recognition in all they do. This traditional oil helps to uplift your endeavours and guarantee your efforts will pay off.

Healing Oil

Traditionally, healing oil is used to help relieve your typical ailments – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It has the most effect with ongoing problems as opposed to sudden concerns.

Master Key Oil

If the user needs to quickly obtain knowledge or discipline in one particular area, the Master Key Oil helps to unlock the recesses of the mind to harness this inner power. It is also helpful when one wishes to gain authority and following – whether in the magical realm or the mundane.

Money Drawing Oil

The Money Drawing Oil is one of the oldest traditional Hoodoo oils that is still in use today. Fancied by bankers, business owners, gamblers, and workers alike, it is renowned for its ability to bring good fortune to its users.

Black Cat Oil

While many modern traditions consider black cats to be bad omens, Hoodoo culture calls upon the black cat as a symbol of strength and luck – especially useful when gambling and sporting. This older oil is common among those who engage in games of chance, but it can also help to reverse the effects of bad luck charms.

Fast Luck Oil

One of the most called-upon Hoodoo oils, Fast Luck Oil is commonly used to draw success in love, business, and chance. It also acts much faster than similar oils – it is the only oil to choose if you need results quickly.

Wick Oil

This particular oil has gone by many names, and it’s not entirely certain which name is the “original” name and which are just copies. (It has been called Candle Oil, Brown Oil, Wick Oil, and even Special Oil #20 – although it is essentially an all-purpose condition oil, simply applied to candles.) Older conjurers claim that this came from a root-worker’s recipe book, and the name Special Oil #20 referred to its placement as his 20th (and strongest) formula.

Van Van Oil

This is one of the most easily-recognizable oils in the Hoodoo arsenal, at point in history it was impossible to walk through New Orleans without smelling the distinct scent of Van Van Oil. It is most suited to dressing charms, anointing amulets, and blessing mojo bags. It is said to thwart negativity, refocus luck, and open the door to new opportunities.