How To Perform A Spell For Good Luck

Spell For Good Luck

Good luck spell……

The power of this spell comes from the mighty oak tree, which lives for hundred of years and is a symbol of strength. You can purchase a spell bag from a new age shop, but making one yourself will increase the potency of the spell it contains.

You Will Need

♦ Small amethyst

♦ Turquoise crystal

♦ Oak leaves

♦ Cinquefoil oil

♦ Sprig of rosemary

♦ Spell bag


This spell is to be performed on a Thursday during a full moon. Perform it beneath an oak tree that looks healthy and strong.


On the Thursday a week before you weave your spell, make a spell bag and decorate it with sequin stars.

To make a spell bag…….

Any kind of spell bag will do. Make a drawstring bag in this way.

You will need: 30 cm (12 in) purple silk, 30 cm (12 in) purple and gold metallic organza, pins, needle and matching sewing thread, paper, pencil, a compass, chalk, cord, masking tape, safety pin, 1.3 m (41/4 ft) gold lace, star and moon sequins and/or beads, 2 gold tassels.

1) Pin and stitch together the two squares of material leaving a 5 cm (2 in) gap along one edge. Trim and turn through. Slip stitch the gap, then top stitch 5cm (2in) from the edge. To make the drawstring, draw a 25 cm (10 in) circle on the paper and cut out. Pin this template to the purple side of the bag and draw round the edge with chalk.

Stitch along the line, then stitch another circle, 2 cm (3/4 in) further in for the drawstring channel. Fold the bag in half widthways to mark the centre. Cut a small hole through the organza channel at each end of the centre fold. Over stitch the edges to make eyelets.

2) Cut the cord in half and bind the raw ends with masking tape. Fasten a safety pin to the end of one piece and, starting and finishing at one of the eyelets, thread it through the channel. Stitch the two ends together. Thread the other piece in the same way through the other hole.

3) Decorate the bag: slip stitch the gold lace around the outside edge of the bag, sew the sequins on the bag, and attach the tassels.

The spell……

1) Greet your oak tree and tell it your intentions. Place an offering of a small amethyst at its base. Walking deosil in a circle, repeat four times:

O Sachiel, it is I [name]. I ask you to hear my call. Light my path, guide my actions, words and deeds and those of all I am yet to meet, that by the power of your might, all will be fortunate to my sight. Good fortune growing, growing, growing, growing.

2) Anoint the turquoise crystal and leaves with cinquefoil oil, while visualizing yourself surrounded by the arms of a mighty oak.

3) Place the crystal, the sprig of rosemary and the oak leaves in your spell bag. Hold it up to the oak tree and say:

Heart of Oak, you are my heart and with your honour I shall carry you by my side. Thank you.

4) Carry your spell with you at all times when you seek good fortune, and store it carefully when not in use.