How To Perform A Spell To Find Lost Objects

Spell To Find Lost Objects

Lost object spell…….

This is a visualization spell, in which you imagine a lost object being drawn back to you. Make sure that you are not disturbed or your attention distracted while you are performing it, otherwise you will not be able to focus your energy.

You Will Need

♦ 20 cm (8 in) wand of hazel

♦ Honeysuckle oil

♦ Yellow cloth


Cut the wand from a hazel tree, asking Permission of the tree first. Cut it gently and say “Thank you”. Leave a gift of a lock of your hair.

1) Draw a deosil (clockwise) circle around 1 yourself with the hazel wand, saying:

By the powers of heaven and Earth I cast this sacred circle in the name of love, light, wisdom and truth.

2) Perform the energetic breathing exercise. Anoint your temples, forehead and hands with honeysuckle oil. Sit or stand in the north, facing south and imagine that you are sitting upon a high mountain made of magnetic crystals. You can see for miles in any direction.

3) Visualize yourself opening your hands, so that the palms are facing upwards. Let us say that you have lost your keys. Say the following invocation:

Swift and sure, my keys return to me.

4) Imagine that your keys are being drawn back to you, by the strength of the magnetic mountain. Draw them back with as much willpower and concentrated thought as you can. Note any pictures that come into your mind and from which direction your keys return to your hands in the visualization.

5) To add to the spell’s effectiveness, write what you have lost on a piece of paper and pin it up in your house until the object returns. If the lost object is in someone else’s possession, he/she should feel’ compelled to return it quickly. If nothing happens, you can either try again or accept that the item is irretrievable at this time.

6) Say “Thank you” as usual to the energies that have helped you. Close your spell then move your wand widdershins from the end to the beginning of the original circle, saying:

This spell is done.

Store the hazel wand wrapped in a yellow cloth in a sacred space, such as an altar or the cupboard where you keep your blessed and consecrated magical equipment.