Easy Spell to Help Prevent Food Cravings

Spell to Help Prevent Food Cravings

Weight Loss Spell…….

Do this spell during a waning moon, that’s anytime within the 2-weeks after a full moon. The spell is best done outside, but near a window is also fine. This will help you curb your cravings while on a weight loss mission.

A green bag or pouch
A green candle
A piece of clear quartz


Goddess within
Goddess without
Guide me to my goal
Easy my hunger
Soothe my spirit
Strengthen my resolve
As I wish it, so mote it be


1) While holding the crystal, light the candle and look up at the moon.

2) Repeat the incantation as you watch the moon while also concentrating on eating healthier and losing weight.

3) Further, think about the foods you crave and usually have difficulty resisting. Think of getting stronger resolve around these foods and send that energy into the crystal.

4) When you are done, turn off the candle and place the crystal in a green bag.

5) Carry that green bag with the crystal, tucked in your pocket, wherever you go.

6) If the spell is doing well, recharge the stone after a month.