How To Cast Spell To Instigate Change

Spell To Instigate Change

Instigate Change Spell……

This spell is slightly more elaborate and is best performed on the night of a Full Moon.


A candle to represent yourself in your own astrological colour

An orange candle to denote sudden change and success

A silver or light grey one to embody the neutralization of bad luck

A black or dark candle to represent the bad luck itself

If wished, a magenta (deep red/purple) candle to speed up the luck-changing process.


Anoint the candles with a good purification or blessing oil (Rosemary is ideal). Use a stroking action with both hands. Bear in mind that with the dark candle you are moving bad luck away from you, and should therefore work from the bottom up towards the wick as you rub in the oil.

Anoint the others, except for the magenta, but this time from the middle to the bottom and the middle to the wick to concentrate the energy within the candles.

With the magenta anoint from the wick to the bottom; this brings in what you desire.

Put them where they will burn safely.

Light the candle representing yourself and say:

This is me and everything that I am.

Light the dark candle (black if you are comfortable with it) and say:

This is my bad luck. It must now leave me. May it be transformed now and henceforth.

Light the grey candle and say:

This will counteract any bad luck which is left untouched. It will dissolve into the void and become nothing.

Light the orange candle and say:

This represents the changes for good that are coming into my life. I welcome success with open arms.

Light the magenta candle and say:

This is the energy to bring about the change.

Now sit for several minutes, repeating to yourself:

I welcome change. I welcome the incoming good.

Leave the candles to burn out completely.

Be ready to let go whatever moves out of your life  often changes start slowly and then escalate.

Whatever happens, be aware of the opportunities which may be offered to you over the next little while.