Spell to Reflect Away Harm Intended Upon You

Spell to Reflect Away Harm Intended Upon You

Protection Spell……

Sandalwood incense
1 black candle
2 small mirrors, ideally on stands


The magick upon me
Be trapped this night
Between these mirrors
Never see light


1) Light up the incense and let the aroma build up a bit around your altar.

2) Into the candle, carve a deep X.

3) Set up the two mirrors in a way that they face each other with the candle in between them. Repeating candles should be seen deep within the mirrors.

4) Light the candle, focus on the negative magick you are trying to reverse as you focus your gaze back and forth between the mirrors.

5) As you concentrate, chant the incantation over and over again is you visualize the curse being reflected back to the sender.

6) Let the candle burn all the way through. Leave the mirrors facing one another for a month.