How To Perform A Spell To Sell Your House

Spell To Sell Your House

Selling your home spell…

Burning Frankincense will cleanse your home and purify it of old vibrations, making it ready for the next keeper. A vase of flowers placed in a room on the appropriate day of the week can magically enhance your wishes.

You Will Need

♦ Frankincense

♦ Yellow flowers

♦ Lavender incense

♦ Front door key

♦ Yellow ribbon


This spell is to be performed on a Wednesday, during a waxing (new) moon.

1) Clean and tidy your house thoroughly, then burn frankincense in all the rooms, saying:

Now is time for me/us to leave. With thanks I/we cleanse you.

2) Face west, the direction for letting go. As you say the invocation turn from west to east moving deosil:

I/we let go of this place, so that a new beginning may arise.

3) Place yellow flowers in the living room and burn lavender incense. Tell the house spirit that you wish to depart and need the next keepers to come and take over from you.

4) Hang a front door key from a yellow ribbon in an east-facing window where it can blow in the wind (but not be available for burglars!). Call upon the East Wind to help you move on to new surroundings. As you hang up the key, say:

This property sells, this property sells, here hangs the key to guide the next keeper here.

The flowers of the week…..

Saturday: Evergreens, Cypress

Sunday: Orange flowers

Monday: White flowers, River plants

Tuesday: Red flowers

Wednesday: Yellow flowers

Thursday: Violet flowers, Purple flowers

Friday: Pink flowers, Roses