How To Cast A Spell To Stop Gossip

Spell To Stop Gossip

Gossip prevention spell….

Bury the source of the malicious gossip beneath a holly tree, and ask the tree to protect your good name. The snapdragon is a flower children play with, imagining it can speak as its petals are opened and closed. There is great wisdom in this, as snapdragon is a traditional cure for jaw and throat problems.

You Will Need

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ Blessed red candle

♦ Red pen

♦ A very small square of natural paper

♦ Snapdragon (Antirrhinum) flower

♦ Thorn

♦ Red ribbon


This spell should be performed on a Tuesday, during a waning moon.


Find a holly tree to bury your spell under, you might want to perform your spell next to it too.

1) Open your cord circle. Light the red candle, face south and sit down.

2) Write in red pen on the paper square the name of the person or organization that is gossiping about you. If you do not know the name, write “whoever is”.

3) Carefully take one of the larger flowers from the stem of the snapdragon and gently open it up. Fold the piece of paper or roll into a tiny scroll and place it inside the flower, repeating five times:

Speak only goodness, think only kind. Look to your own faults and not to mine.

4) Keep the scroll of paper in place by sealing the flower head with the thorn, as you do this say:

Flower seal, flower heal lips that speak not from the heart.

5) Take your spell to a holly tree, tell it of your intentions to bury it there and ask its protection over your good name.

6) Bury the snapdragon flower head under the holly tree. Say “Thank you” by tying a small red ribbon to a branch.

7) Leave, visualizing as you walk away, that you are leaving the malicious gossip behind you. Do not look back.