Learn About Spells and the Book of Shadows

Spells and the Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows & Spells…

At first, there was a Book of Shadows that contained various spells, but no one has literally learned and used them. Every witch makes her or his own Book of Shadows. Wicca is all about energy, so you can put energy into words and create the perfect spell that includes all the invocations you have to make in order to make it happen. These spells are somewhat like poems, but if you don’t feel inspired at first, you can find countless spells online.

As soon as you compare a few, you will notice that there is nothing fancy about them. They are only meant to serve the witches’ purpose. Any spell requires a prior state of meditation and relaxation along with the Magic Circle. One very popular expression used to end spells is “so mote it be”. The best part is that you don’t have to name any entity in particular; you can just ask the so called angels of love or friendship for what you need. For example, if you want to cleanse your space, you can invoke the five elements to sweep and purify your home. It is easy like that!

Tools that make it happen….

The Wiccan rituals involve the use of special magic tools, such as a blunt knife called athame, a wand, an amulet, a cup, a broom, a cauldron, candles, incense and a knife with a curved blade called Boline. The magic circle usually contains an altar on which are all these tools. The altar may also have objects representing the Goddess and God on it. Depending on different traditions, some witches also wear robes or capes, while others perform the spells naked. There is really no difference.

As we already gotten accustomed with, all these tools are actually associated with something. The athame is actually a symbol of fire and it represents the masculine part. This is a regular or a hunting type of knife, so don’t think about purchasing one from websites that sell special ones.

As for the feminine part, it is represented by the cup, which is associated with the element of water. The wand is the one that is connected with the element of air. Moreover, the broom is symbolically used to sweep places that need cleansing. Candles are also indispensable and come in different colours that are somehow related to the subject of the spell, like red for love.

Herbs enhance the process….

In witchcraft, plants are designed to increase strength of chanting and rituals. For example, when you place plants in a pot and you set them on fire, they release energy and you can benefit of their properties. Another method to use herbs in magick is to put them in a small bag and say an incantation. The energy will be stored inside and you can wear that small back with you or give it to someone else in need. These are usually velveteen bags made of thick material.

After using plants in incantations or spells, you shouldn’t simply throw them away. You must keep them together and haw them in the earth from where they came from. Fully burning them after use is not recommended because fire is an element of great potency, which embodies chaos and destruction. It is said that the complete combustion process is used only by those who practice black magick, which is not the case of Wicca.

Here is a list of the most used herbs, depending on the type of rituals and incantations you have in mind:

Love spells: rose buds, fruits and petals, lavender, ginseng and jasmine.

Negative forces: Tephrosia, Artemisia, Panicum Capillaria, hyssop and white sage.

Healing spells: Filipendula vulgaris, marigold petals, cinnamon powder, Echinacea and yeast.

Prosperity, wealth and abundance spells: coltsfoot, Aesculus Gabric, galangal roots, flax seeds and elderberries.

Clairvoyance, divination and meditation spells: Agrimonia Eupatorium, chamomile, Tuner Diffusa, Euphrasia officinalis and ginseng.

Purification spells: clove, marigold petals, branches of cedar tips and pieces of red sandal wood.

Protection spells: sage, garlic powder, burdock root and mandrake root.