Adult colouring books for witches, wiccans and pagans

Stress Relieving Patterns (Coloring Books)

My new favorite stress buster….

Even witches get stressed from time to time and adult coloring books can really help, this is one of the best to start out with. Warning: Very addictive! :) This is an incredible book with fantastic flowing artwork. My favorite illustrations are the 15 delicate doily type illustrations and out of 46 illustrations I only noticed 3 that I would not want to personally color …. Read Reviews Here

Bring out your imagination, arouse your senses and creativity, and as you become engaged in the pleasurable, soothing activity of Coloring, it calms you and instantaneously starts reducing your stress level.

This book is a wonderful addition to your coloring library; a perfect gift school aged children, college students, or adults who enjoy coloring, and a much easier way to reduce stress than going to the gym.

1. 46 illustrations printed one per page (the back of each page is blank) on bright white, medium weight paper and the page numbers are listed on the back of the page not on the front where the picture is.

2. Illustrations include 15 delicate, circular doily type drawings(my favorites) Most of the rest are bordered full page designs from simple geometric shapes with very little detail to complicated very detailed geometric shape designs. There are a few miscellaneous sprinkled through the book l did see one paisley design.

3. The complexity and details vary with the pictures, some you will need sharpened colored pencils or Gel pens for and others crayons or wide markers would work. Place a piece of scrap paper under the page you are coloring in case your pens or markers bleed through the page. More Details Here