Information About Tarot And The Moon

Tarot And The Moon

Tarot cards…..

Tarot cards are believed to have originated in Egypt although, like most inherited systems of divination, we cannot be certain of this. In medieval times, the moon was depicted as Fortuna, the wheel of fortune in the tarot deck. This card depicts the ups and downs of life, the cycles that represent life’s changing fortunes. Like the wheel of fortune, the moon is ever-changing, and reminds us that life ebbs and flows.

Reading the moon card….

The moon card in the tarot deck is numbered 18 (I + 8). This gives the number nine, which is the magical number of the moon. Nine signifies the completion of a cycle and so signifies a new beginning. Drawing this card tells you that intuition and perception will be your greatest allies in the days to come. Trust your feelings, and take a little time before making decisions of a life-changing nature.

This is a card of feelings and emotions, of all aspects of the feminine, and so may represent an emotional or psychic understanding or change, especially if time is spent in contemplation of the moon’s present message.

It also conveys a warning that emotionalism and negative reactions that are not tempered with any higher wisdom can lead you into emotional confusion. This card signifies that you are completing one cycle and not yet beginning another — so can raise fears, doubts, and upsets. Don’t get carried away with fantasies; stay practical and well grounded in reality, and trust that as every door closes, so another opens.

Take the moon card from the deck and hold it so that the picture is touching your third eye (in the centre of your forehead). Close your eyes and melt into the card, noting symbols, images and feelings that arise.

Making a lunar tarot card…..

A Lunar Tarot Card One way to deepen your connection with the moon is to make your own lunar card. Make up a design of your own that represents the moon for you, just allowing the ideas to form. Make the card just before the new moon, to ensure that your intuition and perception increase as the new moon grows.

You Will Need

• Scissors

• White card

• Ruler

• Silver pen

• Paints or crayons

• Paint brush

• Glue

• Selection of the following: silver glitter, blue and/or silver sequins stars and moon sequin shapes

• Pictures of moon animals, birds, trees, crystals, moon flowers, water

• White feathers (dove or duck)

• Blue ribbons

• Silver tape

• 2 blue or silver candles

1) Cut out a piece of card measuring 9 x I 3cm/3.5 x 5in and draw your chosen design on it. You can make the card bigger if you feel confident to do so.

2) Paint your design or glue on your chosen collage materials. Let your mind be led by imagination and creativity as you make up your design.

3) If you do not feel confident about drawing a design, cut out pictures of moon animals, trees or flowers, water or crystals and glue them on the card instead.

When it is complete, place the card on your altar or special area. Light two blue or silver candles. Meditate upon the images for three nights. Make a note of any unusual dreams you have.