Personality Meanings Of The Astrological Houses

The Astrological Houses

Astrology houses….

The sky is divided in to twelve sectors, each known as a house. The houses are not heavenly or star systems but they neatly cover every area of human development.

The house in which a planet or a constellation lies is important as it gives a clue to the area that will be influenced. The planet shows how something will manifest, the constellation gives the manner of its manifestation and the house indicates what it will affect.

First House: Birth

The first house represents your basic personality, physical health, the way you reveal yourself to others around you and your physical appearance.

Second House: Possessions

The second house represents what you own. It is bound up with wealth, material possessions and personal belongings. It also represents feeling.

Third House: the Mind

The third house is to do with how you think about the world, communicate ideas and how you express yourself.

Fourth House: the Home

The fourth house is about where you live: your roots, your ancestry, your parents and family.

Fifth House: Creativity

This is the house of pleasure, leisure and socializing.

Sixth House: Work

The house of employment, business, career opportunities and working relationships.

Seventh House: the Heart

The seventh is the house of relationships and love affairs, marriage and long-term partnerships.

Eighth House: Sharing

The eighth is the house of attitudes, whether on sex, money or ideas. It is where you reveal your generosity — or lack thereof.

Ninth House: The intellect

The ninth house represents how you learn: your education and upbringing but also your study as an adult in later life.

Tenth House: Personal Ambitions

This is the house of your aspirations: your dreams and goals, longings and drives.

11th House: Friendship

The 11th house is to do with how you entertain your friends and social acquaintances, and with the way you indulge your personal pleasures.

12th House: Escapism

The 12th is the house of seclusion and loneliness, death and the unconscious. It represents what you fear.