What Are The Elements Invoked by Wiccans

The Elements Invoked by Wiccans

Invoke the elements…..

Although Wiccans use many symbols, staffing from crucifixes and going all the way to the Star of David, which has Jewish provenance, the most important element of this religion is the pentagram. Each of its five points represents one of the five classical elements. Man has five extremities, namely head, hands and legs; fact which determined Wiccans to consider each man is a microcosm of the Universe.

More specifically, the five elements are air, fire, water, earth and spirit, also called ether that unites us all. Traditionally, each element is associated with a cardinal point, as it follows: air is associated with the East, fire with the South, water with the West and earth with the North. In addition, the spirit is associated with the center.

These elements are used in numerous magick rituals, as well as for the Magic Circle. The Magic Circle is so important, that there are only a few very experienced witches that can make a spell without it. It is considered the central element of the Wiccan Witchcraft and it is customary for various Wiccan festivals and gatherings.

Members pray to the God and the Goddess when they are in the Magic Circle and sometimes invoke the Guardians for protection. However, there are Wiccans who don’t believe the Magic Circle is accurate if it is based on the above mentioned associations.

They say that geographically speaking, the 5 elements might not be accurate. For example, residents of the east coast of North America should not rely on water from the west, but east, from the Atlantic Ocean.

Energy types and principles In Wicca, magick can be defined as the projection of natural energies condensed in producing the desired effects.

There are 3 basic energy types, as it follows:

1. The personal energy. This is the life force that sustains our earthly existence, the one that empowers our bodies. We absorb energy from the sun and the moon, water and food. In magick, personal power is awakened, imbued with a purpose, released and directed to fulfil that certain purpose.

2. The Earth energy. This is the existence inside our planet and its natural products, such as stones, trees, the wind, the flames, water, crystals and flavours. All have specific powers that can be used in magick rituals.

3. The divine energy. This is the manifestation of the personal energy and the Earth energy. This is the energy that exists inside.

The usage of these 3 energies is governed by the following 3 rules:

1. The energy should not be used to hurt someone, to harm someone or to control someone. Only if it is strictly necessary it can be used to defend someone’s life.

2. The energy should not be used randomly. It should only be used when needed.

3. Wiccans should not charge money for using the energy. The money will end up controlling the witch who accepted them.