What Is The The Influence Of The Moon On Women

The Influence Of The Moon

Lunar influences…..

Before the advent of calendars, the king (or “moonman”) was responsible for watching the moon’s cycle and informing the tribal members when the new moon arrived, so that activities associated with the crescent could begin. Ancient people were well aware of the profound influence the moon had on their lives, influencing the weather and tides and reflecting the natural cycles of fertility.

The Moon And Women

The Moon and Women As the protector and guardian of women, the moon has long been associated with the female reproductive cycle. Many ancient civilizations performed fertility rituals and celebrated the moon at annual festivals dedicated to the goddess, to seek her help and favour with conception.

The female menstrual cycle mirrors the cycle of the moon in duration. The Latin word men’s meaning both mind and moon is the basis for our word menstruation. Women, the bearers of life, were seen by ancient civilizations as children of the moon goddess. Women can be very powerful, if their deep intuition is blended with spiritual wisdom. The full cycle of Luna must be travelled if wisdom is to be found.This can be achieved easily with meditation and devotion to the heart.

Within the heart of all women is the cycle of love. A woman generally finds it easy to nourish and care for others, to devote her life to beauty and harmony, and to speak from feeling rather than intellect. This reflects her”brightmoon” phase. Then there is the part of a woman that is jealous, possessive, scheming, vengeful, malicious, premenstrual — her “darkmoon” phase.

During their menstruation, women find that they are extremely sensitive and highly perceptive. Many ancient civilizations considered them too powerful when they were on their “moontime” and it was common for women to remove themselves from the tribe. Though this is not a practice that is observed in modern societies, it may still be a good idea to set time aside to go within and use each “moontime” as a time to let go of the past cycle, and to allow the flow to cleanse and take away any problems or difficulties, thus making way for the new.

Once wisdom spills into her heart, a woman passes the highest initiation and the lunar cycle takes on its greater perspective. No longer dictated to by emotions, but rather by insight and discrimination, no longer attached, but rhythmical, no longer selfish or jealous but unconditionally compassionate, the wise woman has an extraordinary power.

The Moon And Numerology

In numerology the moon is associated with the number two, a highly feminine number, although in magic she is assigned the number nine. Any years or months that add up to the number two will come under the influence of the moon. Moon years are romantic, creative, unpredictable, deep and intuitive, with a need to bring harmony and stability. However, if the negative aspects of the moon prevail during a number two year, there will be a tendency for depression, cruelty, and possessiveness.

To discover if you are in a moon year take the four figures and add them together (For example, the year 2090 becomes 2 +9=11;1+1=2.) If we look at the turn of the millennium, the year 1999, when broken down into a single number, becomes the number one (I + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28; 2 + 8 = I 0; I + 0 = 1). The number one represents the sun.

The year 2000, however, adds up to the number two. Thus, being a lunar year, it heralded an important time to get in touch with inner feelings and emotions, to be with the family, to enhance productivity, and to promote the good of the whole. As the wheel of time turned from sun to moon, so the less predictable but fruitful moon held sway into the new millennium.