What is The Magical Power of the Earth Element

The Magical Power of the Earth Element

Nothing is more tied to us than the Earth. It is our ancestors, our food, our reality. It’s so easy to take it for granted, because wherever you are… there it is.

Even as we avoid going outside more and more, it finds its way into our life. We are tied to its death and rebirth. The sand and leaves that fly into our house at different times of the year are just one thing that keeps us grounded.

Earth is the most physical element to work with. It can be used in the form of soil, or carrots, ancestor worship and hunting.

Many see the Earth as our mother, because She is so nurturing to us. Even as we destroy Her, She sustains us for as long as She can. Wouldn’t your human mother do the same?

It’s not hard, even these days, to connect with the Earth. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Go and get dirty. Create a garden. Have a picnic. Have sex in the woods. Do your next ritual nude, with your bare feet firmly planted in the soil and grass. Go hunting for stones that call to you spiritually.

Meditate next to a giant oak tree, feeling the Earth breathing as you breathe.

This element is extremely feminine, again as it is tied to motherhood. It is death as much as it is rebirth, but isn’t that true of all things?

There are many spirits we can work with for the Earth element. The Fae of Celtic mythology, who live underground. The gnomes of European legends, who are associated with moving underground. Elves and leprechauns are a few others with many myths, modern and ancient, associated with them.

If you want to amplify your Earth magic, seek out Ley lines, powerful areas of spiritual energy that align the earth. If you can find two lines that meet, the power there will be unmatched.

And don’t forget the simple ritual in celebrating Earth Day! Use this time to realize that you are important in your role as caretaker for the earth. As much as She sustains you, you must heal her. Plant a tree on this and similar holidays, or a garden. Reevaluate your every day practices and how they impact the earth. Use less electricity, pick up some trash on the streets, and encourage others to do the same.

To feel your connection with Earth, sit or lie on the ground. Wear as little clothing as is seasonally appropriate, and let your body relax into the earth. Feel your limbs become heavy as gravity pulls you closer, like a gentle hug from a parent that misses you dearly.

Visualize a deep, lush rainforest. Hear the animals within, the sound of paws hitting the mossy soil. The hunters, the hunted. Feel your connection to this primal part of the earth, and its relation to you. Feel your connection with your ancestors, as they watch you.

Earth is stable and resilient, the element that gives support. It’s also slow and defensive. It’s female, motherly, gentle and sometimes stubborn.

Remember to try and find your own associations and meaning while you’re on your journey with Earth. Don’t just rely on what I, or anyone else, tells you.