How to read free wiccan & pagan books

The Magical Way To Read Kindle Books On Any Device!

1000’s of beautiful & magical books…..

There is nothing I love more than reading books, especially related to wicca, witchcraft and paganism. Although I prefer the real thing.. digital libraries do come in very handy and keep costs to a minimum.  They are also better to read when travelling… more room for other essentials.

However.. I have recently discovered that you can access Amazons Kindle library on any device. Turning my ipad, phone and laptop in to kindle reading devices has opened up a whole new world of free and very affordable books. Here is how you can experience this with me and get started for zero outlay:

Kindle Reading App – Install Here

It is a free to use app and works on most desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This is how to install and use the application:

The Kindle reading app works virtually the same on any registered device.

  1. Open the Kindle reading app on your device.
    The app either opens to the last book you were reading, or to your Kindle home screen.
  2. From your Kindle Home screen, select the book you want to read.
    • Books on your Amazon account that haven’t been downloaded to your device are listed in the “Archive.”
    • Downloaded books are listed under “On Device” or “Downloaded Items.”
  3. On a touchscreen, swipe from right to left to go forward a page, or left to right to go back a page.
    • If you have a trackpad, you can flick across it to change pages.
    • Tapping the center of the screen or clicking the trackpad shows your options and progress, including a shortcut back to the home screen.
  4. Kindle Books open either to the first page, or wherever you previously left off.
    • An active internet connection is needed while reading to save your progress across multiple devices.
    • If you switch devices, books will open where you left off no matter which device you use.
    • Notes and bookmarks are also synced to your Kindle account.

 Accessing Kindle Books?

You will need an Amazon account to access your books, but this is a very simple process and only takes a few seconds on your first purchase. Just follow the instructions after selecting your book of choice.

From your home screen, select the book you want to read.
If you need to download a Kindle Book that you’ve already checked out, you’ll find it under “Archived Items.” It is as simple as that!

Here are a few, free witchy kindle books to get you started:

Chanting: A Beginners’ Guide to Using Meditation, Chanting & Mantras to Improve Your Health, Life & Wellbeing Today

Of Myth and Magic

Love & Light