Understanding The Magick Of Elemental Air

The Magick Of Elemental Air

The element of Air is the first element that emanated out of Spirit; it can be seen as the element that is most like Spirit. Air is the element of space, the containing field of the universe. Air is the back drop of all that is created. It can be said that all things, stars and planets and the inhabitants of these systems are held in the containment field that is the air element.

It however must be noted that elemental air in regards to creation is the beginning of all life after Spirit. If the design of the universe is held in Spirit, then the initiation of that design is elemental air. Air is the primal movement; the first “out stretching” of the universe.

The element of air in magick has the attribution of beginnings, intellect, or the initiative force of the universe. The cardinal direction of elemental air is the eastern quarter.

Since elemental air is the initiated beginning of all creation, the magick of this element pertains to “beginnings.” The commencement of any thing is ruled by elemental air regardless of its aim. Areas of magick that deal with new beginnings, communication, travel, as well as any form of intellectual pursuit are under the power of this element. The element of air also includes the physical manifestation of air: the air we breathe, the air currents and wind, as well as any other gaseous substance.

To the ancient mind this element was regarded as the gaseous stage, or the cloud of elemental creation. Mist or smoke was viewed as a physical vehicle for Spirit.

The magickal use of incense is the main form of practical elemental air magick, but as we will later see the production of incense, as well as the use of incense rely on the actions of other elements, illustrating for us in a practical way that the elements work together as a whole in the cosmos as well as in our lives.

The double edged blade, the sword and dagger are the ritual tools that represents the intellect and the rational mind, which cut through illusion and represents the reasoning faculty in mankind, which are all in the domain of Elemental air.

We will later go into more depth regarding each element, we will also delve into the various magick applications of each element, but I feel that it will be more appropriate to discuss these aspects when we move on to elemental creation in magick. For now we are looking at the elements in their raw primal from as a starting point.