Moon Signs : Aquarius

The Moon In Aquarius ~ Moon Signs


People with the moon in Aquarius can be highly original thinkers and extremely creative, often following a career in the performing or creative arts. They are interesting and unusual, and have many fascinated friends. However, Aquarius moons must guard against careless talk or flippant actions at times when life is too dull or humdrum for them.

They need to find a balance between innovative ideas and practical actions, and to avoid getting carried away with the next brilliant brainwave before it proves to be workable. They are outspoken and inventive.

As lovers of freedom, they are often drawn to improving society in some way. Their need for independence runs deep, and Aquarius moons hate to be tied down. They frequently present mysterious and magnetic qualities that draw the unusual to them. They can be secretive and difficult to fathom because of this rather enigmatic predisposition.

Aquarius moons are unpredictable, never quite reacting as expected, and sometimes causing confusion as a result. They need to ensure that they stay well grounded in material matters and in business concerns. Nervous tension can affect their health adversely, especially the eyes and lower body.

Moon in Aquarius parents are double-sided. They give strong moral support to their children, but also expect them to become independent at a young age.