Moon In Cancer Signs

The Moon In Cancer ~ Moon Signs


The moon is exalted in Cancer. This means that she is in her best placement here.The moon governs this zodiacal sign and so will be a powerful influence. Cancer moon people are highly sensitive and crave emotional security.They need to be accepted for who they are, so can become extremely defensive when challenged. They are sensitive to atmospheres and are very intuitive. Their feelings are often correct, but they need to guard against presuming they are correct all the time, falling into the negative trap of feeling wronged, hurt or rejected.

Cancer moon people are the carers of the zodiac, taking on the sick and the weak. This gives them the Opportunity to excel in what they do best, but this caring should not be allowed to spill over into obsessional behaviour. They must learn to let others make their own mistakes and try not to rescue everyone they perceive is in need.

They can be possessive and clingy, often retreating from areas of conflict instead of discussing them. They have a tendency towards self pity and sometimes have a moody and unpredictable side. They often expect the worst. Cancer moon women can suffer more than most from pre-menstrual tension.

Stones: Moonstone

Flower: Waterlily

Animal: Crab