Traits Of Moon In Capricorn

The Moon In Capricorn ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Capricorn will be hard-working, perhaps even workaholics. They have an almost fanatical dedication to making money and becoming successful, often at the expense of personal relationships. This placement is not an easy one, and lunar Capricorns often have to make sacrifices, which can lead them to become martyrs, with a tendency to moan about their lot.

Capricorn moons can suffer with allergies and skin complaints, and benefit from being spontaneous, especially when the limitations of martyrdom are affecting their health.

Women with their moon in Capricorn often put their feelings aside and settle with a partner who will provide them with material security. Men, on the other hand, will often connect with a woman who can further their career. This is not a sign that is willing to take risks.

Emotions do not figure strongly with Capricorn moons, and there can be a tendency to aloofness and detachment. This is some-times balanced with a warm and funny sense of humour which rises spontaneously and can help to balance the rather superior, rigid exterior so often presented to the world.