Moon In Gemini Signs

The Moon In Gemini ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Gemini are mentally agile, flitting from one idea to another with ease. They have many projects on the go and need to learn to complete what they begin. Gemini moons can be gossips and chatterboxes, because of their love of the spoken word (and the sound of their own voices). The greatest challenges for Gemini moons are an appreciation of silence and consolidation of actions.

Boredom sets in quickly because their minds are constantly thinking up better ideas or solutions to problems.Their quick wittedness and versatility is therefore a strength as well as a potential weakness. Because of their tendency to move on quickly (unless the conversation is fascinating), they often miss opportunities to learn from, or understand, others.

Gemini moons find emotional people difficult to be around, and often have difficulty expressing their own feelings,They are drawn to the lighter side of life, where chatting and social interaction prevail. As long as they have stimulating outlets for their inspirations and sociability, they will be happy and content. Gemini parents like to stimulate the minds of their children, providing them with opportunities for exploration. They find it difficult to remain constant but are fun to be with and will spend hours at play with their family.

Stones: Agate

Flower: Lavender

Animal: Monkey